Hello from Auckland, New Zealand - FIAT 127

  • very nice car. Give it the ats with 4x98 fit for fiat?

    The ATS are 4x100 I am using wobble bolts to accomodate up to 2mm offset which are not a problem.

    I have 5mm spacers up the front as with the 7" front wheels the tie rod ends almost rub on the inner wheel, the 5mm spacer is a bare minimum and I have used longer wobble bolts with them.

  • Lovely 127. I saw it in the net already. How is your street condition in New Zealand? Bumpy streets are killer for that rear tires. Do they shave to the body with two passengers? It looks very tight.



    New Zealand streets range from some of the best in the world to some of the worst in the world, I have driven it around the block a few times whilst testing and feels all good, it definitely gets looks and a few beeps from traffic (only 4 of these in NZ apparently).

    I guess 2 passengers would be max - even with the rear seat I can not see 4 people in this car haha :)

    I bought this car as a play toy to mod on the side because my wife hated me drag racing my daily 700hp Mercedes and having to fix it before Monday to take to work and drop off the kids to school so I decided on something I could play with and not have to worry about.

    There has been quite a bit done to have them all fit (I still need the camber/toe/caster adjusted) as I have only just fitted everything and that should make it drive a bit better, I am 90% into having it driving smooth.


    I have had to roll my guards flat.

    I have had to use camber bolts on ALL 4 wheels front and back, to "ADD" and to "REMOVE" camber.

    Rear brake lines had to be "tweaked".

    Rwd style bump stops to limit upwards travel for the rear wheels so they don't smash into the chassis. (I have not needed to fit these as I currently have 0 rubbing)

    The front chassis where the steering rack is requires trimming to allow for some travel.

    CV Boot bracket RHS "may" need fabricating for upward travel BUT personally I already have a custom made 5 speed box which has a larger driveshaft/tripoid hole so may be ok.

    However I'm still figuring it all out as it is my weekend toy and with kids etc only get to play with it every other weekend, but can fill everyone in regarding stance tips when I find it all out if requested.

  • That looks perfect!
    I want one. :-)

    How does it drive, being so low?

    Hi there, as per my above comment I am still tweaking all the suspension settings.

    My final result is to have it driving as smooth as possible but as one may know even fitting blocks onto these Fiats it creates a bit of bounce.

    So far without touching camber/caster/toe it is ok BUT - as I have rebuilt my steering rack and also added camber bolts and lowered ALL settings will be well out of spec.

    So if it is driving "ok" now with only me aligning via measurements, then after a full alignment it should be pretty good.

    ** NOTE: I am waiting on front coilover suspension to be made - temporarily I have had my front springs reset by 65mm (which I think were originally Alfa 33 springs(which are apparently already 3cm lower)) and the shocks shortened to suit.

  • Wow! A really good outfit - respect for this beautiful Fiat 127

    And yes, you and your wife are absolutely right in this opinion - you do not really need 700 horsepower to have fun! I also have far more than 700 hp --> but with all my current Fiat 127 together :D

    I wish you lots of driving pleasure

  • Thanks all,

    I am currently in the process of sorting out a minor clearance issue with my rear brake lines then I am off to my fabricator to get a pair of these leather bucket seats fitted and some 3 point retractable seat belts mounted.

    * The current seats in the front are out of a Toyota Celica

    Then I need to remove the gauges in the dash and also in the panel and make some new glass lenses and may fit stainless ones ring surrounds.

    I also need to get another boss kit so that I can use the Nardi Torino horn for the steering wheel instead of the filler in there at the moment.

    I'll also be getting some new carpet put in, the current carpet was custom made during a restoration in the 90s but the edges have seen better days.

    The 9000rpm rev counter is more of a target than a limit ;)

  • That RHD set up looks great. I have not seen any of them before. Awesome.

    Yes this was one of the limited versions made in New Zealand.

    The speedo and 9k rev counter and smaller gauges are all out of a Fiat 124 Sport.

    Buying parts and performance parts I have to be wary as some of them are LHD only, for example, steering racks and headlights.

  • It looks very nice.

    I see that the dashboard is shaped differently than ours in Europe. Does your original version of the127 have a special name? I would like to know more details about your 127.

    In Germany there were for Series 1 in addition of the Model 127 "Special" also variants as 127 "Abarth", 127 "Luxus" or 127 "Touring" available.

    Best regards

  • As far as I am aware this is just a generic Fiat 127, I have the original owners manual for it.

    Apparently there were no series 2 or 3 made here so no 1300cc's around.

    There was the sport version here so I think the 1050cc "exists" but finding one out of the XX amount made here is pretty slim and as I noted above there are only up to 2 "127s" left on the road that are road legal from what I have been told by a Fiat specialist here, 1 of which is my own.