Hello from Auckland, New Zealand - FIAT 127

  • Not sure about the LHD standard 127, but the RHD version the brake cylinder is under the dash on the inside, there is no brake pieces (cylinder, booster etc) inside the engine bay

  • Brake cylinder inside ... that´s interesting - possibly installed transversely?

    Many years ago I once owned an ex-RHD car, but on this car I only noticed the opening hole for the steering gear on the right side. Everything else was rebuilt for German traffic, the car was originally from England.

    And for the RHD-127 apparently even the windshield wipers was rebuilt.

    Here is a picture of the Engine Bay of our LHD-127 - under the master brake cylinder you can see the cable for the clutch and the the connecting rod for the steering gear.

  • I have taken a couple of quick photos whilst running out the door to work this morning,

    Here you see the master cylinder under the dash and missing bits in the bay

    * TBH this is the first time I have actually had my head under here to have a proper look and after viewing this image there will be quite a few new parts going in here... **cough** OCD **cough**

    * This IS NOT a common layout for a RHD vehicle, normally LHD-RHD the only difference is everything is mirrored but I guess due to the engine block/headers/battery etc there was no room for the brake setup.

    If anyone has an OMP strut brace they could sell me and ship to Auckland New Zealand, I will take it, I bought one off a UK company but there was an issue with their system or something and it was returned to them.

    I started grinding back the tyre mount in preparation for it but gave up after notification it was no longer coming.

  • Just to add to this thread for anyone wondering about the tyres rubbing or scraping....

    With the adjustments I have done I have 0 rubbing, 0 scraping from any wheel/tyre

    The only time I can hear any scratching is whilst pulling out of my driveway which is on a 45 degree angle and it comes from the rear abarth exhaust/muffler maybe 1mm of it connects for about 1 second and only on a certain angle.

    I would actually go lower but my driveway may not be too forgiving.

    When I get coilovers the front will be lowered another 15-20mm as the reset front is still a little offset from the rear (0 fingers can fit in the rear and 1-1.5 in the front)

  • Be careful.
    You need to have to look at your inner rubber boot of the drive shaft. (short shaft)
    The lowering will kill your boot and the tripods without some modifications to the boot bracket.
    The drive shaft is not centered during driving and so the shaft will damage the inner convolute of the boot. This will cause tramsmission oil leaking in the beginning and massive grinding due to touch condiotion from the drive shaft and boot bracket.

    By the way the long drive shaft will touch the exhaust pipe if the the car is lowered that way. In this case you need an additional mmin 8mm spacer between the cylinder heat and the header. (mounted with two gaskets on each side of the spacer.)



  • Thanks for the tips Oli,

    I have had a second look due to your response.

    My short driveshaft side already has a modified bracket for the CV boot and a different CV boot which sits on the outside of the mount.

    I have Abarth headers and they sit further out from the stock exhaust so there is a decent amount of clearance between the long driveshaft and exhaust, no issues there.