Fiat 127 Panorama

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  • Hallo! nice to see such nice car in Germany (correct me if I'm wrong)! I have one since November 2017 and a 147, which I stopped for body restoration. Nice cars on your gallery, too! Congrats!

    • Hi vstrabello,
      thanks for your feedback, in Brazil there are so many beautiful 147 I think.
      You can find my other cars at
      Best regards from Germany,

    • Thanks! There are some here in Brazil, too. Sadly they are vulnerable to rust, such as my 147 and my Panorama. The 147 have finished replacement of panels and rockers and Panorama need some care about rust. I'm going to post some pics os the cars here in a near future.
      We have two coomunites, one in Facebook (Fiat147Brasil) and a forum (

    • Nice pictures on the site, too! Congrats!